At this time Marconi is just a simple perl module that I use with many of my security and network programs. It only has a few functions built in, but is growing. The POD info is not up to date, but it is a work in progress.

To use the module with any of the apps that need it, just download it into the same directory they are running from. There will be a full install process in the future... Real Soon Now(tm)

For more info, please contact me @ MadHat (at)

I just rewrote how Marconi does NBTScanning using the NBTSTAT packets. It is more accurate and suplies more information.

Need to start a change log for

So I noticed that some hosts were not working properly. Looks like the type of Node they are made scanning different as far as the NBTSTAT packet sent. I changed the NBTSTAT packet and noticed different info returned that was not matching my old tests. It was a different node type.

I added support to show 2 node types that I ahve encountered. has also been updated to use this new info. The module itself.

Apps That Use Marconi
Current Functions